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The Steering Group (comprising parish councillors and local volunteers) is working on both a review of the current Neighbourhood Plan and a new Plan, the latter intended to be valid until 2037. 

The review of the 2017 Plan focuses on the intended use of land that was set aside then for a new infant school and doctors’ surgery.

The new Plan is wider-ranging and aims to reflect both emerging national/district policies and the latest community priorities.  That revision is targeted to be finalised by 2025.

Image removed.Progress Update (May 2024) 

West Berkshire Council has provided feedback on the proposal for the land previously set aside for a new infant school and doctors’ surgery to be re-assigned for school sports and play facilities, a dental practice and parking, with the remainder set aside for a possible future doctors’ surgery.  A Planning Application is expected to be submitted by mid year and if it is approved work should start by early 2025

The team separately expects to work with a consultant to refine themes for a new Plan, to include a strategy for Mortimer’s sustainable development, taking into account insights obtained from public consultations. The resulting new Neighbourhood Plan update, valid until 2039, is targeted to be issued shortly after West Berkshire's New Local Plan, in the second half of 2025.


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